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I founded “Xuan Tu Tours Co Ltd” in 2013 at the age of 22 and our company has since enjoyed over 1300+ excellent reviews.

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“You are doing so much more for people than giving them a tour. You are helping them to make peace with themselves which heals their hearts and souls and gives them a better understanding of how things really are”

– Client TripAdvisor review

Xuan Tu Special Tours cater for Veterans and/or families who return to visit bases and areas of interest in and around Da Nang. Our visitors have included veterans themselves, spouses, children, relatives of veterans and of those killed in action.

Central Vietnam was one of the heaviest affected regions of the country during the war and as time has passed much of the evidence of fighting has been reclaimed by jungle, town & city expansion etc. But my local drivers are really adept at locating forgotten military sites and, from information provided by you, Xuan Tu personally reconnoitres in advance of your visit to ensure you leave with unforgettable memories.

Your visit to Vietnam is 100% customised with a truly personal ‘one on one’ touch. Your fully escorted visit will invariably be emotive, often difficult and sometimes painful, yet there will be time for laughter amongst the tears during your time in our amazing country.

Perhaps we can leave the last word to veterans and families who recently visited with us:

“Our experience with this company exceeded our expectations. We received exceptional 5-star service. Our needs were, perhaps, unusual. We had personal reasons for wanting to visit a remote and mountainous region west of Da Nang. With very short notice the company was able to respond effectively”

– Client TripAdvisor review

“We got in a lot of sightseeing without feeling rushed. I especially wanted to see the Da Nang Air Base, from which I flew many missions during the war, and it was pointed out to me (not much remains). My enjoyment of the Vietnam visit was greatly enhanced by the expertise and friendliness displayed by the guides. I highly recommend them”

– Client TripAdvisor Review

“The second day we had requested to go out away from Da Nang to the area that my friend’s dad had died in the war – we couldn’t believe how much preparation Xuan Tu had done before we even arrived. She had talked with locals and found out about the village and area – when we got there she was able to find two local gentlemen who had lived there their whole lives and spent a lot of time with us talking about the US soldiers and their interactions. It was such a moving day for my friend and we can’t thank Xuan Tu, our driver and the villagers for this amazing experience”

– Client TripAdvisor Review

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