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‘The Evening Foodie’ – Da Nang By Scooter

I founded “Xuan Tu Tours Co Ltd” in 2013 at the age of 22 and our company has since enjoyed over 1300+ excellent reviews.

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This is your opportunity to join ‘locals eating with locals’ and experience a food culture like no other.
Riding on the back of your tour guides scooter or motorcycle, you join our local people in travelling the streets and alleyways of busting Da Nang city. Its a wealthy, modern and a rapidly expanding city – our third largest. You’ll experience a busy but stable and safe place that’s comfortable with itself. And its where many young Vietnamese from across the country want to live!
So its sometimes hard to imagine Da Nang’s long history dating back to the ancient kingdom of Champa. During early Dai Viet times, it was called Cua Han, and Tourane in our French colonial period. It’s not surprising that with this long and diverse history the people from my hometown are so fiercely proud with unique culinary traditions.
This makes Da Nang one of THE premier food destinations anywhere in South East Asia, and my evening adventure is 4.5 hours long, meeting at your Da Nang hotel reception. This is not a group tour where you make your way to a central meeting point and tour with strangers, its a private foodie experience just for you and suitable for the solo traveller, couples, families or small groups touring together,
My ‘Evening Foodie’ tour will immerse you in the sight, smell and taste of Vietnamese food while checking out the highlights, colours and excitement of nighttime Da Nang.
It’s not about the international food chains that have started to import their blandness into our country, and it’s certainly not about the high-end eateries that have popped up to tempt affluent wallets! This is about food for everyday Vietnam, food that stimulates all five senses at everyday prices for local people, and prepared with pride at market food stalls, makeshift street restaurants and in what can be the owner’s front room!
We meet at your Da Nang hotel at 16.30 for introductions and fitting of the important safety equipment, and our first stop is Long Coffee Cafe (Long meaning ‘Dragon’ in Vietnamese) where we talk through our food itineraries and any intolerances while enjoying Vietnam’s important ‘coffee culture’. Known by locals as the ‘always-crowded cafe’ its the oldest in Da Nang, it is THE place to start our tour.
Then as evening falls and the street food vendors set up their stalls, you see the amazing kaleidoscope of coloured lights which illuminate Da Nang’s streets and famous bridges as we start our ‘Evening Foodie’ journey. You try at least 10 delicacies including well-known Vietnamese favourites AND the authentic ‘food for local people’ – central Vietnamese specialities that make our food culture in Da Nang so special. Seafood is included caught fresh every day from the sea on our doorstep, as well as desserts and all drinks! (beer, tea, coffee and soft drinks).
And as a modern city, Da Nang really understands great veggie & vegan lifestyles.
Finally, our evening in this vibrant and exciting Asian city will close at 21.00 – you will wonder where the time has gone! We either return you safely to your hotel or give great recommendations for the rest of your evening ‘in town’.

What’s Included:

a full 4½ hour private guided tour as pillion rider
your personal English speaking guide/driver
all food taken
all drinks taken (water, soft drinks, tea, coffee and beer)
moist towellettes
Da Nang hotel meet
motorcycle safety equipment

What’s Excluded:

alcoholic drinks not included above
transfers from Hoi An hotels or Intercontinental resort

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