Because Vietnam in general is famous for its food and Hoi An in particular, it would be neglectful of me if I didn’t try to entice you to sample our famous cuisine. Therefore any of the guide options can include lunch and or dinners. These can range from restaurants to awesome food cooked in street stalls on a 2 burner stove, or a beautiful, quiet dinner of superb seafood on the beach. Most dinners are either absurdly cheap or inexpensive relative to Western standards. I can either refer you or I would be delighted to join you and talk to you about Vietnam. Who knows, if you shout me dinner after a tour and you are nice people, I may accompany you for free. It is always my pleasure to speak about my country and its culture in good company. Except for specific food tours, meals & other drinks are at your expense, though cheap.

Cooking classes

Speaking of food brings us to cooking classes. The key to Vietnamese food is freshness and preparation. Most Vietnamese do not own a refrigerator. They don’t need to because they buy everything fresh each day. You will note the meat and fish markets are empty by noon. Hoi An has a number of wonderful cooking schools and I would be only too delighted to recommend some to you or organise a booking. I can also organise food tours where you get to experience the sights and smells of the market to tasting many exquisite dishes during a rambling walk through the town. Like a food mystery tour. Don’t worry about calories ladies – you will not see many overweight Vietnamese!


Ladies, this is for you. Let me take you to shopping nirvana. Leave hubby by the pool with his cheap beer or send him on a motorbike trip. I can have him disappear for 1 day or more with my motorbike staff. He will have a ball and you can shop until you drop. I will only take you to reputable places because my reputation depends on it. Let me bargain for you. Then we'll have lunch, maybe a couple of cheap Mai Tai's, then more shopping. After all that you will need a foot massage and prepare for a romantic dinner on the beach. Only then will you dare tell him what you bought. By then you will have him in the best of moods with a hint of expectation! Single! - never mind - we'll have a ball with no conscience to appease. Maybe hit the nightlife.


I can organise a modern, air-conditioned car or mini bus with a driver for airport pick ups or tours. Cost will depend on need, time required, kilometers traveled etc. If going to Hoi An and depending on your arrival time, a quick tour of beautiful Da Nang on the way to Hoi An from the airport can be included. Nothing worse than arriving in a new city and too early to book in. Save yourself the taxi fee and let me or one of my staff personally pick you up and give you an orientation before setting you down to your hotel. like being picked up by an old friend.

Motorbike tours

Traffic in Vietnam is not for the faint hearted. If walking across a road, the golden rule is to never, ever stop. Do not hesitate. Just keep going and the traffic will go around you. I know it is a leap of faith but an essential skill unless you want to spend a day standing on the same street corner. A common form of transport is by motorbike. I can arrange motorbike tours for ½ day, full day or the works – several days or more touring Vietnam. This is a particularly fun way to experience my country up close and is safe.

Fair Price Policy

All our tours are costed on a "fair price policy". This means that we pay our staff and service providers a "fair" price. We are aware of many companies who pay their guides around $USD 10 for a whole day, regardless of client numbers. We pay our staff and service providers a fair rate. Vietnamese should not have to work for a pittance any more. Our prices may be slightly higher than our competitors because of this policy. In our food tours we also give you food - not just tastings, We pay our cyclo riders fairly and we feed our guides, drivers and cyclo riders. They are a valuable part of our business - like family, and we treat them fairly. Plus we give gratuities to villagers whose homes we go into plus other goods such as clothes, shoes for children etc. We have to pay entry fees etc. My business is more than just money. It is about providing a client service regardless of cost. Vietnam is much more expensive to live in than a few years ago. Fuel prices to you may be the same as here but relative to a Vietnamese income it is 10 - 20 times more than in Western countries. And remember we have no unemployment benefits or social security, annual leave, sick leave etc. When you pay for a tour you are contributing to the welfare of many locals - guides, drivers, cyclo riders, food stall holders, villagers etc. We can't and won't compete with lower price tour companies because we believe in client value and a fair income for all. We do not accept commissions. They are given back to you or if you wish donated to orphanages. We hope you appreciate this when you compare prices. Thank you for your support and understanding.