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Vietnam is my homeland, and I love sharing my country’s delicious cuisine with guests. There is nothing more special about Vietnam than it’s unique dishes and traditioal cuisine! Join me and my family in experiencing Vietnam’s amazing food culture and mouthwateringly authentic Vietnamese vegan food.

This is the only tour of it’s kind – we are proud to be the very first vegan Vietnamese cooking class in Hoi An! We hope to immerse you in the sight, smell, and taste of Vietnamese vegan food! You will feel like you are cooking along with us in a traditional Vietnamese family’s kitchen.

Our meeting point is Chickpea Eatery in Hoi An Old Town, Vietnam. This is a family-owned and run restaurant that crafts savoury Vietnamese vegan food with a fusion of homemade recipes by the Chickpea family’s mother – Mrs. Mai – and the Chickpea sisters who give our meals a unique twist. If you’re interested, you can customize your cooking class with any dish off of our daily vegan menu!

As a vegan family, we love welcoming people to Vietnam with satisfying, compassionate, “peaceful vegan food for a restful mind.” Chickpea Eatery welcomes you into our comfortable home-like environment which is where you will prepare unique and authentic Vietnamese fusion dishes. We will learn how to make four Vietnamese vegan dishes and one traditional dessert: fresh spring rolls, marinated tempeh/tofu, vegan chicken and rice, bánh xèo, and a sweet dessert called che.

Together we’ll take a trip to a nearby local market to pick up ingredients for today’s recipes and discuss how to order vegan food from local Vietnamese vendors with your excellent English-speaking guide. Here we will also learn about common herbs and spices used in Vietnamese cuisine, and how to find ingredients and ask for vegan foods at the market.

Fresh spring rolls are a staple of every Vietnamese meal, but they can be tricky to get the hang of! Don’t worry – we’ll teach you how to make a perfect vegan spring roll every time. These refreshing rolls will be stuffed with vegan ingredients like carrot, pickled cucumber, tofu, rice noodles, lettuce, and coriander.

Tempeh and tofu can be delicious when properly prepared and marinated. We will teach you how to create the perfect marinade for these protein-rich Vietnamese foods that pair well with any meal.

Vegan chicken and rice and bánh xèo are two more dishes you’ll learn how to make with us. Bánh xèo is known globally as the distinct yellow Vietnamese pancakes unique to Vietnam. But how do you make them? We’ll teach you!

And finally, you will learn how to make a sweet Vietnamese dessert called che. Che can often be found made vegan as it’s based on coconut cream, but there are endless ways to customize this sweet treat – beans, banana, jellies, and more. We’ll teach you how to craft the perfect hot summer dessert.

During the class you will learn how vegan cooking is deeply integrated with Vietnamese culture. This cooking class will show you how to bring traditional and delicious Vietnamese foods into your own kitchen and with the skills you’ll learn with us, you will be able to enjoy these dishes again and again. You will savour meat-free and dairy-free versions of popular local Vietnamese dishes and desserts!

This cooking class is not just about cooking a few dishes, but teaching you the skills you need to make them again and again in your home, with ingredients you’ll be able to easily find at the local market or supermarket. This is about vegan food for everyday Vietnam, at everyday prices, that stimulates all five senses, and touches on the compassionate and creative nature of Vietnamese people.

We hope you will be ready for a big multi-course cooking and tasting session full of food and fun with the Chickpea family! After the cooking class, you will step right out into Hoi An Old Town for an evening immersed in the beauty of our local culture if you choose.

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