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Getting lost in Hoi An: An Insider’s Guide Of Things To Do In Hoi An 2022

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Top 5 Things To Do In Hoi An That Will Make You Fall In Love With This Town.

Hoi An is a small town that is located in the central region of Vietnam. It is popularly known as “Pearl of the Orient”, which is considered as one of the most beautiful city in Vietnam with an interesting mix of architecture and harmonious blend of Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese cultures.
Hoi An has a long history and culture, it has been has been in existence for over 1400 years and recognized by UNESCO since 1999 as an important historical site for its well-preserved old quarter with ancient buildings.The ancient town of Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations and attracts more than 1 million visitors each year.
We always love to find people and businesses that are making a positive difference in the world around them. This top list is designed with visitors in mind: where to stay and eat, what not to miss, local activities and attractions – including Hoi An’s hidden gems

# Enjoy the most famous Bánh mì, which has been recognized by Anthony Bourdain

The best thing about traveling to Vietnam is the food. We’ve had the pleasure of showing my customers our beautiful country for the past few years and although we have eaten fair share of pho, clay pot rice… and its various other street foods, nothing has seemed to stick with me like the food we ate while wandering through Hoi An: Bánh Mì, literally translated, is a Vietnamese term for bread. In the local dialect, it refers to a delicious sandwich or Vietnamese baguette. Vietnam is a country that has been greatly influenced by French colonialism, therefore the bánh mì has adopted many of the tastes of its former coloniser. This can be appreciated in both its name as well as its ingredients. 
The Banh Mi Phuong Hoi An is a Vietnamese sandwich that is the one of the most famous dishes in Hoi An. This local eatery has a crispy baguette with their homemade secret sauce, and can be filled with various ingredients such as pork meatballs, slices of chicken breast and rtofu, grilled meat, roasted pork belly or vegetables . The fillings are served with vegetables such as cucumbers, pickled carrots and daikon radish. It may also be filled with fresh cilantro and chili peppers.


# Place the candle to make your wish on Hoi An river

Hoi an is a magical place that is famous for its lantern festivals everyday, where thousands of colorful lanterns are hung up in the streets and along the riverbank. You can stroll during the evening to enjoy the scent of flowers from nearby flower gardens in the air, and with the lanterns on the boats floating by. 
Lanterns are used in many different ways in Vietnamese culture. The lanterns are often made of pieces of paper that are painted with vibrant colors and cut into different shapes, then they are set afloat on a river or lake to make beautiful wishes. These floating lanterns symbolize hopes and prayers for a better tomorrow, We had customers making wishes here and their wishes came true.
hoi an man riding on boat with lights - private tour vietnam


# Cruise along or ride a bike through the countryside of Hoi An to visit local families

With a small town feel and a relaxed pace, Hoi An is the perfect place to live out your own Vietnam fantasy. A boat trip or a bike ride through its countryside is incredibly scenic, you will be able to take in Hoi An’s beauty as you inhale fresh air and soak up the sun.
You can also expect to see lots of local traditional families where life moves at a slower pace and people still live their lives according to the principles of harmony and balance. Hoi An is famous for its friendly and welcoming locals, the localism of Hoi An is very strong, this is why everyone in Hoi An smile at you when you go around the town.

five children smiling while doing peace hand sign


# Take the Hoi An Basket Boat: one of the most unique experiences In Asia

There are a lot of things to see in Hoi An, but you can’t miss the Basket Boat. We have all heard of the river cruise in Europe. Hoi An basket boats are unique to Hoi An and are a great alternative to the river cruises in Europe. The baskets are actually made from bamboo, which makes them more flexible. Each day, these beautiful wooden boats take you up and down the Thu Bon River on an unforgettable leisurely ride. They give you an opportunity to experience the beautiful surroundings and fishing villages around Hoi An on a small boat. On the way back, the boatmen will treat you with a Basket Boat performance which is an exciting and thrilling experience for tourists visiting Vietnam, our customers always say this is a highlight of their Hoi An Tour.
two men riding on boat near trees

# Wander around the old town and discover hidden gems coffee shops

The town boasts a rich history and architecture, as well as stunning scenery and peaceful lifestyle and It is recognized for its well preserved old quarters, which includes more than 5,000 historical buildings and over 100 temples. Hoi An is sleepy and seductive, with small winding streets and a gorgeous riverfront. It’s the perfect place for a lazy afternoon stroll. 
Travelers from all over the world are attracted to Hoi An ancient Town with its numerous small streets, rustic architecture, and charming cafes. Even though it’s a small city, there are so many different kinds of shops and cafes. Every one of them has their own character and is unique in the way they present themselves. The design, the latte art, even the music all play big roles in making us want to come back again and again. The coffee menus are full of both classic coffees and more surprising innovations, such as coffee ice cubes topped with cacao powder and accompanied by a serving of hot creamy milk, and even charcoal lattes. A lot of hidden gems coffee shops nestle away in a little alley outside the old town, it’s not easy to find but worth the effort and it is a great way to take a break from our busy sightseeing schedule.

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