Hoi An Evening Food Tour

Hoi An is an expanding country town surrounded by paddy fields farmed mainly by women in 'coolie' hats growing rice, verdant fields full of herbs and vegetables worked by water buffalo and the Thu Bồn river where fishermen use methods unchanged through generations. But Hoi An's star attraction is its historic Old Town dating mainly from the 15th - 19th centuries, indeed it possessed the largest harbour in S.E. Asia as far back as the 1st century. 

The Old Town is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site so its not hard to imagine Hoi An's long history with its beautiful beaches and old port overlooking the East Vietnam Sea - during the period of 'China trade' the town was called Hai Pho (Seaside Town) and its Japanese merchants believed the 'heart of all Asia' lay beneath Hoi An in the 18th century.

This long & varied history has today given Hoi An, through its cookery schools and 100+ restaurants, the accolade of 'premier food destination' in Viet Nam.  So our private 4 hour evening adventure is designed to immerse you in the sight, smell and taste of what is probably the richest and healthiest cuisine in the world!  

Please note this walking tour is not about the international food chains that have started to import their blandness into our country, neither is it the higher end establishments that have popped up to tempt western tastes and western wallets!  This is about food for everyday Viet Nam, food that stimulates all five senses at everyday prices for local people, and prepared with pride at market food stalls, make-shift street restaurants and in what often seems to be the owner's front room!

We meet in your Hoi An hotel at 17.00 where introductions are made and we discuss our food 
itinerary (and any intolerances) with you.  Then while evening falls we experience the beautiful kaleidoscope of coloured lanterns that illuminate the town streets as we embark on our foodie journey - because our food tours are as much about the culture, people and sights of historic Viet Nam through interaction with local Hoianians, as it is the amazing food of our country.

We will try some 10 local delicacies depending on availability and your personal preferences.  From traditional Vietnamese coffee to central Viet Nam's famous spring rolls and BBQ pork skewers, from steam savoury rice cakes to deep fried seafood wonton and perhaps ending with a favourite street dessert!

Finally though, our evening will come to a close at around 21.15 when we return you safely to your hotel or give you great recommendations for the rest of your evening in this most atmospheric of Vietnamese towns.

My 'Private Hoi An Evening Food Tour' fee includes:

  • a full 4 hour private guided walking tour in English
  • all food taken
  • cold, bottled mineral water
  • moist towellettes
  • Hoi An hotel meet

My fee excludes:

  • alcoholic drinks if taken

How to book a tour:

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