My Son Sanctuary is a microcosm of Viet Nam, past & present.  My tour of this historic site from either Da Nang or Hoi An encompasses much of Vietnamese history; The Champa Kingdom, Hinduism, Chinese Invasion, the rise of the Viet's, the French colonial period, Vietnam War destruction, UNESCO recognition of Viet Nam's culture & history, plus more recent links between our government and countries such as Poland, Germany, Italy and Japan who helped to save many statutes & relics and provided maintenance of the site.

My Son is Viet Nam's most extensive Champa Kingdom's architectural remains, dating from the 4th to 13th centuries - although recent investigation suggests the site may have been active even earlier.  The Champa ruled central & southern Viet Nam from around the 2nd century until the first conquest by the Dai Viet emperor in 1471 and their final absorption into the Vietnamese state in 1832.  My Son went into steady decline until rediscovery by the French in the late 1800's who for many years restored parts of the complex.  After the unification of Viet Nam in 1975, conservation work began again in earnest and now the conservation of the property is of a high standard with both national and international teams working on site

In addition to its natural decline, Indo-China Wars and WW2 saw damage to the site, but it was 3 days in August 1968 that saw substantial destruction of the site and its jungle surrounds by carpet bombing which reduced the number of upright tower-temples to around 23 and this is the site you see today. 

My private half day tour starts at your hotel and our modern air conditioned vehicle and my professional driver take us to the entrance of this amazing site. Located in a hidden valley the sumptuous jungle setting is overlooked by Cat's Tooth Mountain (My Son in Vietnamese is 'beautiful mountain').  We can make comfort stops to freshen-up if required.

Once in the sanctuary we are treated to a short cultural show of Champa song & dance - thankfully the Champa people still remain in Viet Nam, albeit as a minority.  We are guided around the site, look especially at the carved brick built structures which appears to have no mortar holding them together!  My Son was recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in the late 1990's so you will see a gradual and on-going restoration to some structures. I am often asked what happened to artefacts, statutes etc found on-site. Many were taken to France during their 100 year colonization of my country, whilst locally others are well preserved in My Son's own small museum and also displayed in the Museum of Champa Sculpture in Da Nang which I recommend you visit if time permits. 

We finally have to leave this beautiful and historic place to retrace our steps back to your hotel.  

My 'My Son Sanctuary' fee includes;

  • a full 5 hour half day private guided tour in English
  • all entry fees
  • cold, bottled mineral water
  • moist towelettes
  • use of a modern air conditioned vehicle & my professional driver 

My fee excludes;  

  • meals & drinks etc taken during the tour (bottled water is free of charge)

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